The Marino Mission

Marino Bar Review has reinvented how you study for the bar exam. No two law students are the same. Whether you are at the top of your class or the bottom, whether you are older or younger, whether you attended law school in New York or somewhere else, we have a course that is suited for you. We don’t employ a “one size fits all” approach to bar review. This is why we believe individualized courses lead to individual success.

History of Marino Bar Review

The Marino Family has continuously prepared students for the bar exam since 1946. The July 2013 bar exam was the 75th consecutive bar exam for which Professor Joseph Marino has taught and prepared students.

In 1946 Joseph Marino, Sr. became the first educator to create a course to prepare students for the bar exam. Prior to his innovations, studying for the bar was a lonely experience. Joseph Marino, Sr. pioneered the learning approaches still used today in other bar review courses. He developed the technique of dictating course content and using mnemonics to help students learn. Later, when Professor Marino continued the tradition of preparing students for the bar, he reinvented the approach with interactive lectures and fill-in-the-blank outlines.

Today, Marino Bar Review has reinvented bar review yet again. Professor Marino employed his 30 years of teaching experience to develop a bar review program that recognizes the need for individualized attention. As the cost of legal education is continuously on the rise, the Marino Team seeks to provide the best bar review at the best value. We are the best bar review program because Professor Marino uses his extensive knowledge and experience as an educator to create all of our course content. We are the best value because we limit our costs. We do not hire outside lecturers. Everything “Marino,” is created by MarinoProfessor Marino is an educator, not a middleman.

As a family owned and operated company, we are personally invested in the success of our students.

Marino in the News

“Kennedy twice failed the [bar] exam before he signed up with Marino’s bar-review course…Kennedy passed the bar in 1990, with Marino’s help…”
[JFK Jr. tried, unsuccessfully, twice to pass the bar using other review courses. His MBE score, though, remained low. Professor Marino was able to help JFK Jr. increase his MBE score by a full 46 points and subsequently pass the New York Bar Exam.]

“Another successful alumnus is Madeline Cuomo, daughter of the Governor, who also failed the first time around.”

“Marino enrolls many sons and daughters of judges, prominent lawyers and politicians, including former Assembly Speaker Stanley Fink and Dick Rosenbaum, a key advisor to the late Gov. Rockefeller.”

“One-Man Law School” by Bernard Bard, for the New York Post

“Professor Marino reaches a huge percentage of our students, and we know that his expertise has been helpful in providing them with the guidance they need to pass the bar exam and be successful after that as well.”

Richard Matasar, former Dean of New York Law School

“Professor Marino is the “nationally renowned…go-to guy for those in need of bar review.”

New York Law Journal

“My evenings were given over to the Marino Bar Review course, in preparation for the biggest academic hurdle of my life… Every single topic had been covered in the bar review course, and I took the exam with brio. By the end of the third segment, lunch of the second day, I knew I had totally nailed the exam. I answered each question with the confidence born of absolute preparation.”

Geraldo Rivera in “Exposing Myself”

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