Don't Just Learn the Law. Learn How to Pass.

A tutor will give you a better chance of success on the bar than a bar review course alone. Our instructors are available to improve your skills on the MBE, MPT, Essays and the MPRE.

Marino Bar Tutors

Individualized Instruction

These instructors are part of the Marino Bar Tutors faculty, and are trained and certified on Professor Marino's renowned teaching methods.

Not sure what a tutor can do for you?

Tutoring Packages

Making Continuing Legal Education Simple.

Your first hour of tutoring, plus initial consultation @ $250; each additional hour @ $200.

Special Package Pricing:
  • 5 hour package @ $1000
  • 10 hour package @ $1750
  • 15 hour package @ $2500

Every Student Can Benefit From A Marino Bar Tutor:

Regardless of which course you are taking to prepare for the bar, a tutor can ensure your bar review experience is efficient and effective. Our tutors have experience with every bar review course and will tailor the sessions to follow along with your course.

Class Rank

If you are in the lower part of your law school class, the National Conference of Bar Examiners recommends you do more for the bar than simply take a standard course. Our tutors will work with your study habits and academic achievements to increase your chances of success.
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Our tutors can help you manage and keep up with your bar review schedule. Most bar review courses will give you a schedule that seems impossible to follow; one missed day can seem like a disaster. If at any time during your bar review course you feel overwhelmed or behind, our tutors will help you get back on track.
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Skill Building

If you are having trouble with a particular area of the exam, or a particular substantive topic, our tutors can evaluate your skills and give you strategies and methods for improving your proficiency. A tutor can help drill you on the rules of law and give you personal feedback on your Essays, MPT, and MBE problems.
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How can a Marino Tutor help you?

Our Mission

Marino Bar Tutors has been the leader in one-on-one bar preparation for over 30 years. We not only understand the obstacles students face, but we know how to help students overcome these obstacles and succeed on the bar exam with confidence. Whether you need an extra few hours to understand a particularly tough topic, or a full package to guide you through the entire exam process, we have a tutor that will fit your needs.

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(School Pass Rate Increases from 58% to 94%)
"Professor Joseph Marino reaches a huge percentage of our students, and we know that his expertise has been helpful in providing them with the guidance they need to pass the bar exam and be successful after that as well."

Former Dean of NYLS

— NYLS Magazine

"One Man Law School"

— NY Post

"Nationally renowned as the go-to guy for those in need of bar review."

— New York Law Journal

"Marino enrolls many sons and daughters of judges, prominant lawyers and politicians."

— NY Post

John F. Kennedy Jr., Assembly Speaker Stanley Fink, Madeline Cuomo, and many more...

— Marino Alumni
Don't Just Learn the Law. Learn How to Pass.
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